GROW – with 5 questions?

GROW – with 5 questions?

One of the important things for a leader to notice is the coachable moment. At the water cooler, in the lift, at a person’s desk, in a one on one…

We don’t always have the opportunity to get into a detailed coaching conversation. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time, or it is not appropriate to spend a long time exploring the issue we see as a coachable moment. But how can we resist the ‘tell’ and still use the GROW model to help people with their thinking, and facilitate greater accountability, confidence and self belief within the person we are working with?

One of the wonderful things about GROW is that is can be used in a detailed one on one, or it can be used in a 5 minute conversation. Here is an example of using GROW with 5 questions:

GROW in 5 questions

This is sometimes called ‘SNAP’ coaching. Give it a try next time you see the opportunity for a ‘quick’ coachable moment…


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