Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Leaders are often looking for activities they can do with their teams that help to build or further strengthen their teams – but we see that with some team-building exercises, instead of building trust and encouraging communication, they can have the opposite effect! “Rather than bringing them together, team-building activities that make people focus on seemingly-irrelevant tasks (instead of one another) risk isolating less outgoing team members, compounding their differences.”

In this link to a Mind Tools newsletter * focusing on ‘team building’, there are a range of activities that help individuals to ‘shine and connect, while, at the same time, building essential business skills.’ These are split into three categories:

  • Team activities to strengthen creativity
  • Team activities to turn problems into opportunities
  • Team activities to help build communication skills

And please remember the excellent suggestions from ‘Managing Teams that Deliver’ by Mary Shapiro (HBR Sept 2014 webcast) – taking time on building the infrastructure in your team IS THE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY! (Click here to view our blog summary of the webcast).

Teams can’t thrive without a strong infrastructure and the time taken to build it helps create the conditions necessary for excellent performance!

time on building infrastructure is the team building activity

team infrastructure - tips





*(For those who don’t already subscribe to the Mind Tools newsletter, check it out! There is both a free and small-fee subscription that provides terrific summaries of different models, practical suggestions on a wide range of leadership topics and lots of useful information for leaders.)